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Sense, Regulate and Drive with HALL EFFECT SENSORS, CURRENT SENSORS, POWER MANAGEMENT, BLDC Motor Drivers for Industrial & HEV/EV Automotive.



TACT, Power, Push, Slide and Rotary Switches. Potentiometers and Rotary Encoders. RF TV tuners. CF/SD/MMC/Memory Card Connectors. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Modules, MEMS, Sensors, Inductors


A subsidiary of Alps Alpine, known as the original inventor of capacitive touch   technology and has continued to innovate into markets such as: VR gaming, secure touch, and proximity touch

SlimPort (MyDP) Transmitters and Receivers, SlimPort and Display Conversion Adapters, Display Translators (eDP, LVDS), LCD Timing Controllers (T-Con)

A world-leading ASIC design solution provider, targeting at ULSI ASIC/SoC chip design on SMIC advanced 55nm/40nm/28nm process technology and turn-Key solutions

Surface mount small signal and Schottky Diodes, Zeners, Rectifiers, Bridges, Transistors, SCR's, TRIAC's, and JFET's. Picomini and Ultramini SO-563 device family. Screened H & K Bare Die for Mil/Aero applications

DC/DC converters and open frame/desktop/wall wart AC/DC power supplies

Wire and custom cable assemblies, overmold capabilities, and power cords

Cosemi designs and manufactures hybrid active optical cables (AOCs). Anywhere a powerful, lightning-fast connection is needed, Cosemi’s AOCs can make fiber optic connectivity an affordable reality.

Reed relays/switches, MOSFET relays, and the smallest TMR-based magnetic switch

Ethernet transformers and integrated RJ45's (10G, GigE, 100BASE-T), telecom transformers, PoE flyback transformers, and inductors. AEC-Q200 automotive products

HI-REL and RAD HARDENED PRODUCTS including Infineon Bipolar transistors,

Power MOSFETs, Rectifiers, IGBTs, DC-DC Converters and Voltage Regulators in RAD-Hard and Hermetic packages for Military, Aerospace, Medical and Industrial applications

Precision and power resistors, along with smart shunt resistor modules used in HEV/EV and Charging applications

Solenoids, disconnect relays, Parlex FFC lam cables, switches, and DC motors. Ledex, SAIA-Burgess and Parlex, all part of the JE family


SMD and leaded crystals, oscillators and monolithic crystal filters. Ultra- Miniature and low-profile packages. SPXO, VCXO,TCXO, VCTCXO,MEMS Timing Products


Luminus offers a comprehensive range of LED solutions for global lighting markets as well as high-output specialty lighting solutions for performance-driven markets including consumer displays, entertainment lighting and medical applications.

Surface mount and through-hole capacitors. Aluminum electrolytic,  Aluminum polymer, Hybrid Polymer, DC Link, film capacitors and diode arrays. A full line of AECQ for EV’s


ICEL Box-type Film Capacitors used for DC-Link, Snubber, Motor Run & AC Filters

T&M Standard and precision coaxial cable connectors and adapters, rigid and flexible     cable assemblies, calibration kits and test fixtures